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Year 11 Exam Results Information - 20th August : 9.30 am

Collecting GCSE Results

  • Your results will be in a sealed envelope.
  • If the weather is fine you will be able to collect yours from the marked area in front of the Music Room. It will be clear where you need to go.
  • If the weather is not so good, your results will be available from 2 different collection points.
  • ALL students must come into school through main reception: 11 Clee and Mortimer should then go to Room 15
    (Music) to collect results and then out of the back door in the Music Room. 11 Stretton and Wrekin go to the Dining Room, collect results and exit through the side door in the Dining Room.
  • Only students will be allowed into the school grounds as we try to minimise any impact of the coronavirus. Parents/carers must wait outside of the school gates. The only entry point will be the front school pedestrian gate.
  • We need you to try and maintain social distancing at all times - 2m if possible. I know that a lot of you will be excited and keen to hug each other, but please try to refrain, at least whilst in school.
  • Many of your teachers will be around to speak to you and Colin Dickerson will be on hand to discuss any careers related questions you may have.
  • If you would prefer to receive your results in the post or by email you need to let Mrs Marsden-Smedley know as soon as possible.

Your grades

Your teachers predicted your GCSE and BTec grades based on many factors including, but not exclusively, your mock exams, interim tests, way you were working in class and potential for success. As a result, they have made an honest and very fair assumption as to the grade you could have achieved had we completed the exam series. The examining boards have taken these grades from all over the country and will standardise our scores against other schools. They have the right to improve the grade given by teachers and also reduce the grades given. They will not explain why they might do this but it could happen. For this reason, your teachers are not at liberty to tell you what they gave you as part of the predictions, so please do not ask them. I have every confidence that you will receive and be awarded the grades you deserve. There is no right of appeal. This has been made very clear by the exam boards and Department for Education.

Sitting exams in the Autumn Term

The Department for Education has indicated that they will be providing an opportunity for all students to take the exams they missed during September and October. Further details will be provided by them.

It would be possible to sit all subjects and all exams.

I would only suggest you consider this option if you do not achieve at least a 4/5 in English or Maths or you need a good pass in a subject to get onto a course at college. It will be mindblowingly difficult to sit all papers in any subject that you have not studied since March. You will forget a great deal in the 6 months away from school. Your subject teachers, college tutors and I will give you the guidance and information you need to make an informed decision.

Mr Reynolds