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Office 365 Guidelines


Lacon Childe has four fully networked computer suites. The school offers pupils access to online learning, using the Internet and VLE. Pupils are encouraged to make full use of the ICT resources available to them in order to learn how best to apply ICT methods. ICT lessons cover aspects of Internet use and e-safety and all pupils are expected to follow our rules governing ICT use both within and beyond school.

How the subject is taught

ICT is a compulsory subject. In Years 7, 8 and 9 the students study ICT for one hour a week - though it is expected and anticipated that students will be given numerous other opportunities within other subjects to expand their ICT knowledge. The students are given a series of projects to do, each of which develops and extends different technical and thinking skills.


ICT is a very practical subject and the way in which we teach the subject means that the students get a lot of "hands-on" experience. Homework is therefore normally related to the project upon which they are working at any one time and usually, though not always, a computer is required to complete the homework tasks that are set. For this reason, we offer students access to the computer facilities for as long and as often as we can outside of lesson times (e.g. during lunchtimes and after school). Pupils can also access the school network from home using the citrix portal.  Full setup instructions are available using the link below..

Key Stage 3

Pupils study a range of topics in Years 7 and 8 and work on 6 projects in each year.

Year 9 undertake a program of study from with the aim of working in teams to create apps for mobile devices.

Key Stage 4

The ICT department currently offers only a single option at Key Stage 4: students will follow the Cambridge nationals for ICT at level 1 / 2. This course provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their applied skills by producing solutions for a wide range of problems. The modules covered include using ICT to create business solutions, creating an interactive product using multimedia components and introduction to computer programming.  Students will also undergo an external written examination (worth 25% of the final grade) which covers the more technical aspects of computing and computer technology. ​