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Please find below links to our Trust and School Policies. ​​​

Our policies form the principles by which the school is managed and how daily business is run.

In order to reduce waste we would prefer you to read these policies electronically; however, if you do need to be provided with a hard copy, please contact the school.

Filename Size Date
Other Policies
       The-Shropshire-Gateway-Educational-Trust-2016-2017-Financ... 1.5MB 15/10/2019
       Charging-Policy.pdf 548.5KB 15/10/2019
       COMPLAINTS-PROCEDURE-TRUST-WIDE.docx 67.2KB 15/10/2019
       Equality--Diversity-Policy.pdf 529.8KB 15/10/2019
       Equality-Statement-.pdf 159.4KB 15/10/2019
Admissions Policies
       Admissions-Policy-2019-20.docx 47.1KB 15/10/2019
       Admissions-Policy-2020-21.docx 47.3KB 15/10/2019
       Accessibility-Statement-final.docx 47.0KB 15/10/2019
Safeguarding Policies
       Preventing-Extremism-and-Radicalisation-Policy-July-17-Di... 596.8KB 15/10/2019
       E-Safety-Policy.pdf 940.0KB 15/10/2019
       Child-Protection-Policy.pdf 976.1KB 15/10/2019
       Pupils-who-abscond-from-school.docx 14.5KB 15/10/2019