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Information for Parents

Young Champions Opportunities

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Welcome to the Parents’ pages.


In these pages you will find information about;

  • The Home School Agreement (see below)
  • Ofsted ParentView - a link to enable you to give feedback about the school (see below)
  • Supporting your child -  this page has documents offering advice on various subjects such as internet safety and helping with homework and  link to the parents information handbook 2017-2018
  • How to access your child's school records through the Parent Portal to view attendance, assessment, reports and other information about them
  • The school PTA
  • Information about our communication app Parent Mail


At Lacon Childe School we aim to:

  • enable all children to achieve their full potential;
  • provide a wide variety of enriching experiences;
  • value ourselves and others;
  • create a friendly, supportive and accessible environment for everyone;
  • foster links with the wider community. 

Lacon Childe School will try to:

  • value your child as an individual;
  • ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential, academically, socially and personally;
  • provide an appropriate curriculum that is both challenging and stimulating;
  • provide regular information on your child's progress and attainment;
  • keep you informed about the developments and activities of the school;
  • be open, welcoming and value regular contact with parents/guardians.


As a pupil of Lacon Childe School I will try to:

  • attend regularly and on time;
  • bring my log book and all the equipment I need each day;
  • wear the school uniform and be neat and tidy;
  • work hard in class and make the best use of my time;
  • do my homework and meet deadlines;
  • be polite and considerate to others;
  • be a good ambassador for the school;
  • value the school environment and help to keep the school free from litter and damage.

As a Lacon Childe School parent I will try to:

  • make sure my child attends regularly, is on time, and is properly equipped;
  • ensure that my child is wearing the correct uniform;
  • support the school's code of conduct;
  • support my child with their homework and sign their log book each week;
  • attend Parents' Evenings;
  • contact the school with concerns or problems regarding my child;
  • show an active interest in my child's school life.​


 Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. The survey can be completed at any time; you don’t have to wait until the school is being inspected.

Use the link below to find the survey...