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Gifted and Talented

Provision for the most able

We believe that students should leave Lacon Childe with the broadest range of experiences possible to maximise their potential.

The progress of our most able students is excellent and significant for all subject areas. The programme is designed to ensure that all students are not only challenged and supported academically but also enjoy a wide range of experiences and learn to value their gifts.

Students are identified by a variety of data, including Key Stage 2 results, CAT tests and Fischer Family Trust predictions on entry to the school and their progress is carefully tracked throughout their time with us. Academic progress is excellent and all identified students currently in year 11 are predicted to achieve at least a grade 6 in both English and maths.

We recognise the importance of strong links with transition institutions both primary schools and further and higher education establishments. Departments in school work closely with colleagues in primary schools to support all students and students are identified as part of the transition to Year 7. Over the course of their five years at Lacon Childe students are invited to a variety of lectures, visits and events ranging from maths inspiration days, Gifted and Talented workshops at universities, visiting speakers from Cambridge University and Ludlow College offer a series of workshops to students throughout Key Stage 4. Students are supported by our Connexions advisor in making appropriate choices for their post 16 options.

We do not wish to limit any child’s aspiration and Heads of Department identify and invite students not identified on entry to school to subject specific activities.