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Special Educational Needs

The Learning Support Department works passionately to ensure that every student in the school receives the best possible education and we are immensely proud of the school’s inclusive nature. We recognise the strengths as well as challenges each student faces and tailor support to individual needs.

The Department is highly experienced and qualified and consists of a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and nineteen Learning Support Assistants. In addition to classroom support and academic progress we value the importance of developing social skills, communication, confidence, independence and high aspirations.

The work of the Department starts with primary school liaison and close contacts are maintained with all feeder schools ensuring that we are fully informed of student's needs and can prepare for their transition. Parental contact is paramount and starts with transition and continues throughout a student’s time with us.

Learning Support is fully inclusive; we do not have a 'unit' but deliver interventions as appropriate, with the minimum impact on the rest of a student’s curriculum. Interventions include amongst others, small group or individual literacy and numeracy support, targeted sports activities, communication groups, mentoring, horse-riding, break and lunch time support and alternative curriculum choices.