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In KS3 the Art Department has created a curriculum journey where learning will be structured around the fundamental knowledge of the Formal Elements. Colour, texture, pattern, tone and shape & form will each become a project focus and repeatedly underpinned throughout the three years. Having this consistent focus allows for effective engagement, flexibility to personalise and reinforced understanding. We want it to inspire and challenge students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own exciting works of Art and Design.

At the start of each KS3 year, all students will complete a timed drawing assessment (The Peg Test). Using the same object (a peg) to draw from each year enables highly accurate assessment when comparing progress with previous years and also allows the students to demonstrate just how they have developed in creative confidence.  

GCSE Fine Art (AQA):  

In GCSE Art, we have designed a flexible course content where students will explore a wide breadth of specialisms that enable them to confidently expand their skills, knowledge & understanding and feed their love of Art. Printmaking, Painting & Drawing, Batik, Clay, Paper Mâché & Mixed media are just some of the areas where our focus will be to nurture learners to become confident, independent Artists, therefore allowing them to produce unique and diverse outcomes. Equipping them with the skills to continue the subject with confidence at AS, A-level and beyond, we strive for individuality and personality to shine through our student’s portfolios.

Please see below images of some of our pupil's artwork from KS3 and KS4: