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Governor Type Appointing Body Term of Office Declarations of Interest
Start date End date
Laura Brennan Staff Staff 14.01.22 13.01.26 None declared
Lisa Cigsar Community LGB 01.01.24 21.09.25 None declared
Jackie Griffiths Community Directors 07.12.22 06.12.26 Town  and District  Councillor for Stourport. Governor at Chaddesley Corbett Primary
Georgia Lloyd Staff Staff 05.02.24 04.02.28 None
Elly McDonald Parent Parents 05.12.22 04.12.26 Director and employed by Skyward Coaching & Development Ltd
Vicky Ray-Hunt Parent Parents 22.04.21 21.04.25 Employed at William Brookes School. Member of NASUWT. Staff governor at William Brookes School
Marianne Salmon Staff Staff 05.02.24 04.02.24 Child registered at Lacon
Naomi Thompson Parent Parents 06.10.23 05.10.27 None declared
Rachel Croxton-Broome - Headteacher Ex-officio Virtue of office 01.05.24 n/a None declared
Samantha Wenlock - chair (acting) Parent Parents 05.12.22 04.12.26 Early Help Manager at Shropshire Council. Family relation to a teacher at Lacon

We all meet twice a term and have a rotating focus between Standards, Personnel & Curriculum and Finance & Premises. In these meetings we are responsible for the long term management of our school including student and staff performance. We also take responsibility for supporting departments or special issues such as Safeguarding and Looked After Children.

We have strong relationships with other governors across the Trust. We aim to build strong partnerships with our community through attendance at various school events and regularly canvassing parents' opinions through surveys.  If you wish to share any views, please contact us through the School Office. 

  • Chair of Governors: Samantha Wenlock (acting)

2 x parent governor
4 x community governors

Meeting attendance
Governor meeting attendance 2022-23
Governor Meeting Attendance 2021-22
Governor Meeting Attendance 2020-21

Former Governors
Penny Williams, Community, 07.12.22 to 07.05.24
Noah Turner, Ex-officio Headteacher, 01.09.22 to 30.04.24
Lindsay Hobson, Community, 17.03.23 to 18.03.24
Sarah Summers, Parent, 06.10.23 to 25.02.24
Lisa Cigsar, Staff, 22.09.21 to 31.12.23
Nicholas Young, Community, 30.04.21 to 07.06.23
Rachel Croxton-Broome, Ex-officio Headteacher, 01.01.22 to 31.08.22
Martin Davey, Parent, 22.04.21 to 07.12.22
Rory McLaughlin, Staff, 14.01.22 to 02.01.23
Rae Luckett, Parent, 01.04.19 to 31.03.23