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The P.E. department at Lacon Childe School are hard working and extremely enthusiastic about all things sporty, setting high standards for themselves and pupils.  We are committed to delivering a curriculum that provides pupils with key knowledge and understanding as well as developing skills and allowing students to challenge themselves. 

The teaching and learning environment is very positive and the curriculum we offer has a wide variety of activities giving pupils the opportunity to find something that they enjoy and can succeed in.  Our aim is for pupils to be competent in a broad range of activities and take part in competitive sports, in lessons and through extra curricular activities and competitions. We offer a full range of extra curricular activities, both at lunchtimes and after school, please click on this link for details: Summer Term Timetable



What’s the curriculum aim/vision for the subject?

Lacon Childe PE curriculum aims to develop students motor competence and fundamental movement skills in all areas of physical activity and sport; develop understanding of rules, strategies and tactics, while improving their thinking and evaluation skills; and guide them to become respectful sportsmen/sportswomen and educated citizens who flourish into the future.


In PE, we will aim to develop the whole person through the different assessment strands of ‘Physical ME’, ‘Thinking ME’ and ‘Social ME’, while also aiming to develop Personal Characteristics, Learning Characteristics and Learning Skills through the school’s ‘Lacon ME’ values.

  • Students will work independently and as part of a team to develop their fundamental movement, skills and techniques in a variety of activities to achieve the best possible outcomes (Physical ME).
  • To enhance the problem-solving and decision-making processes and enable students to be familiar with a body of knowledge and vocabulary specific to PE, which they can use when analysing and evaluating performance. Developed knowledge of rules, tactics and strategies will enable students to apply their physical skills more confidently in a range of scenarios (Thinking ME).
  • To develop socially as part of a team and through leadership. Students will develop their communication, collaboration and empathy skills, learning how they can be adapted in different sports and activities (Social ME)
  • Students will display a range of Personal and Learning Characteristics in every lesson, that will allow them to become well-educated citizens of the school community and beyond. Opportunities to employ a range of Learning Skills will further complement their progress in every lesson (Lacon ME in PE).


The ‘Physical ME’, ‘Thinking ME’ and ‘Social ME’ strands will become a termly focus so that students can experience, adapt and develop the skills from each strand within different sports and activities. While the ‘Lacon ME’ characteristics will be adapted on a lesson-to-lesson basis and complemented by lesson activities, so that students are able to develop the skills and characteristics over different tasks, drills and scenarios. Over KS3 and KS4, students will have the opportunity to take part in invasion games (netball, football, hockey, rugby), net games (badminton, volleyball, tennis, table tennis), striking and fielding activities (rounders, softball), as well as gymnastics, dance, OAA and athletics. At KS3, students will aim to develop their ‘Whole ME’. Having experienced all sports through physical, thinking, and social areas, they should by now be equipped will all relevant skill that will allow them to implement them as one.


The curriculum meets the 5 ambitious outcomes of high-quality PE for every child through:

  1. Lead a healthy and active lifestyle – wide range of extracurricular, focus on understanding health and preparation for activity.
  2. Approach competition with confidence – cooperation, collaboration, empathy and developing sportsmanship. Opportunities for low and high-take competition in lessons. Fixtures and extracurricular
  3. Perform in a broad range of physical activities - Over KS3 and KS4, students will have the opportunity to take part in invasion games (netball, football, hockey, rugby), net games (badminton, volleyball, tennis, table tennis), striking and fielding activities (rounders, softball), as well as gymnastics, dance, OAA and athletics.
  4. Resilient to challenges in physical activity, sport, and wider life – through Lacon ME and Social ME focus
  5. Seek enjoyment and fulfilment through movement – options choices at KS4, opportunities inside and outside of school, range of sports offered.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and will give each student the required skills and confidence to take part in extracurricular activities and competitive fixtures inside and outside of school.

KS3 assessment is an average of all three areas of the Whole ME. This allows focus to also reward, develop and engage those who are not as physically able as others.

At KS4, students will be graded on all criteria applied in every sport they take part in.

There are two exam options at KS4 – AQA GCSE PE and Cambridge Nationals Sport Science.


(Highlighted areas focus on Healthy Participation in PE)


The programme of study provides staff and students with a clear outline of the sports and activities covered throughout the key stages. The activities offered, will allow students to become competent participants and provide them with opportunities to pursue those activities outside of school with links to local clubs and competitions. All other sports and activities will allow students to experience a wide range of experiences, which may change/adapt based on student voice and strengths of the cohort as well as guided by the changes in the sport environment.

Duke of Edinburgh award is offered to students at KS3 and KS4.

Please see attached curriculum for 2024/25 - Study Programme

Additional Information:

Please note that all jewellery must be removed, including earrings, if jewellery cannot be removed then the pupil will not be allowed to take part in the lesson.

Please ensure that all pupils bring the correct P.E. kit to all lessons. If pupils are unable to take part fully in the lesson, they are expected to still get changed so they can be actively involved and help out as coach or official. Please send your child to school with a note if they are unable to take part in lesson.

Please see our PE handbook here


Curriculum map

Programme of Study


We have an excellent team of staff who support our pupils on their P.E. journey, please see the following:

Mrs Z Traylor  Subject Leader: Physical Education

Mrs R Croxton-Broome Deputy Headteacher / Teacher of PE

Mrs K Guise

Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of PE
Mr K Wood Assistant Headteacher / Teacher of PE

Mr S Edmondson Teacher of PE

Mrs L Stokes Primary Outreach Coach / Teaching Assistant