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At Lacon Childe School we believe that school uniform promotes a strong attitude to learning and enhances a sense of identity and community ethos.  Uniform also helps members of the wider community form a positive impression of our school and the students who attend. 

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our updated uniform policy. The policy has been updated to meet the national uniform requirements, making purchasing items simpler and more affordable, while still ensuring that students remain smart and uniform standards remain high. 

Please note that there have been some changes regarding school skirts, the only skirt that we will allow will be a black knee length pleated skirt. 

Students who are not in correct uniform will need to be out of circulation at social time until uniform can be corrected and in line with our policy. We appreciate your support in ensuring that students have the correct uniform to wear to avoid this situation. 

Please see below link to our guide to the Lacon Childe School uniform policy which will help you when purchasing your new uniform. 

Uniform Policy 2023/24

School uniform can be purchased from the Simply School Uniform in Kidderminster, details are as follows:

Simply School Uniform Kidderminster - 30 Worcester St, Kidderminster, DY10 1EQ 

Tel: 01562 823763          Email:            Website: Lacon Childe School Uniform – School Shop

It is advised that all uniform is clearly labelled with the pupils name, any lost items that are named can be easily returned to students.

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to clothing/ uniform of individual pupils.

General information


  • Hair should be smart, we do not permit any extreme styles such as tramlines, shaven hair
    below grade 2 and stepped hairstyles where there are noticeable differences in hair length
  • Any coloured hair should be of a natural tone, and dip dyed/ombre hair is not acceptable.

Make Up

  • Years 7-9 no make-up or nail varnish is allowed.


  • Only one stud earring is permitted in each ear lobe, please note that this will have to be removed for P.E.
  • Additional earrings and piercings in other parts of the ear are not acceptable
  • Students may wear a watch and one small ring on each hand.
  • Pandora bracelets and other wrist accessories are not permitted.

If students are seen with additional jewellery items, they will be asked to remove it and it will need to be collected by parents.


We ask pupils to wear plain, dark-coloured, sensible coats, appropriate for school (ex-service garments in camouflage colours or of obvious military origin, leather jackets, imitation leather jackets, denim jackets, badges or motifs are not allowed). If it is necessary to wear a scarf, it should be appropriate for school.

Mobile Phones

Students are not allowed to use their mobile phones on school premises. If a student has their mobile phone out or is seen to be using their mobile phone, it will be confiscated by the member of staff and taken to the school office.