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Policy Documents

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Policy Holder

Date Approved

Accessibility Plan 2021 Lacon Childe September 2021
Administering Medicines Policy Trust February 2021
Admission Policy 2022-23 Lacon Childe September 2021
Admission Policy 2022-24 Lacon Childe September 2021
Adoption and Surrogacy Scheme for School Staff Trust March 2022
Appraisal for Support Staff Trust September 2021
Behaviour Policy Lacon Childe September 2021
Bullying and Harrassment Policy Trust January 2021
Careers Policy Lacon Childe July 2020
Charging Policy Trust September 2021
Child Protection Policy and Procedures Lacon Childe September 2021
Complaints Procedure Trust September 2019
Data Protection Policy Trust September 2020
Development of Policies Trust December 2020
Disciplinary Policy Trust December 2020
Early Career Teacher Policy Trust April 2022
Educational Visits Policy & Guidance Trust September 2021
Equality & Diversity Policy Trust February 2017
Equality Statement  Trust December 2020
E-Safety Trust September 2021
Finance Policy Trust March 2022
Financial Reserves Policy Trust September 2021
First Aid  Trust March 2020
Flexible Working Trust September 2021
Gifts and Hospitality Trust September 2021
Governors Code of Conduct Trust March 2021
Grievance Policy Trust December 2020
Health & Safety Policy Trust September 2021
Health & Wellbeing Policy Trust December 2021
LAC Policy Lacon Childe January 2022
Leadership Pay Policy Trust March 2022
LGPS Discretions Trust December 2020
Managing Attendance (Sickness) Trust January 2022
Managing Attendance (Special Leave) Trust January 2022
Pooling Policy Trust September 2021
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Trust December 2021
Pupil Premium Plan Lacon Childe September 2021
Redundancy and Retirement Trust January 2021
Risk Management Strategy Trust September 2021
Risk Register SGET Trust March 2022
RSE Policy  Lacon Childe July 2021
Safer Recruitment Policy Trust March 2021
School Visit Policy Trust October 2021
School Visit Report Trust October 2021
SEN Policy Lacon Childe October 2021
Staff Code of Conduct Trust December 2020
Support Staff Capability Trust January 2022
Support Staff Pay Policy Trust March 2022
Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Trust February 2021
Teacher Capability and Appraisal Policy Trust September 2021
Teachers Pay Policy Trust December 2021
Whistleblowing Policy Trust September 2022